The MTU in Brief

The aim of the MTU is to:

promote the use of knowledge to realise positive effects for society.

The MTU will be a different type of university characterised by:

  • Entrepreneurial organisational culture;
  • Innovative and flexible provision of education, research and other services;
  • Responsiveness and regional impact.

The MTU will have:

  • 17000 students;
  • Over 1600 staff;
  • Two main locations and six sites across Cork and Kerry.

The MTU will deliver significant benefits for students, graduates and staff:

  • Students will be afforded a broader range of educational opportunities;
  • The range and quality of services and supports available to students will be enriched;
  • Graduates will have greater options nationally and internationally for further study and research collaboration;
  • MTU graduates will experienced enhanced employability both in Ireland and internationally;
  • The staff of the MTU will experience better and more career opportunities;
  • Staff will have the opportunity within their career to focus or specialise in each of education, research and engagement. In particular research and innovation opportunities will be enhanced;
  • Staff mobility will be facilitated by the MTU including greater opportunities to work with enterprises and enhanced opportunities for international exchange with HEIs abroad.

Regional importance and impact of the MTU

The South West region is the most significant region outside Dublin in terms of:

  • Population;
  • Contribution to GDP;
  • National leader for significant economic clusters.

We believe that it is essential that this region has a Technological University in order to help provide the economic and social capital necessary for the continued development of the region.

The MTU will:

  • Contribute an additional €50m per annum to the regional economy;
  • Deliver 13.21% more economic activity than two individual IoTs.

In addition the MTU will make the South West region more desirable as a destination to study, live and do business in, through:

  • Provision of required skills and competencies to a variety of learners (e.g. school leavers, mature students and CPD learners) via varied and flexible modes of delivery;
  • Engaging in leading-edge research and innovation in cooperation with enterprise and social partners in the region;
  • Supporting enterprise development and growth with a particular focus on indigenous start-up and SME enterprises;
  • Operating with an over-arching culture of responsiveness which is focused on recognising the requirements of stakeholders and delivering on those requirements;
  • Partnering with community and social groups to facilitate initiatives aimed at delivering benefits and social capital within the region.

In order to achieve its mission goals and deliver the considerable benefits, it is vital that the MTU is not merely located in the region but instead is distributed across the region. Through the merger of IT Tralee and CIT we can create a truly regional university which will be highly responsive to stakeholder needs due to its proximity to those stakeholders. The multi-campus structure of the MTU will bring additional opportunities and benefits over a single-site institution. These include:

  • Providing enhanced educational opportunities to greater numbers of learners at or near where they live and/or work;
  • Proximity to enterprise and other stakeholders which facilitates cooperation and leads to greater synergies and outcomes;
  • Being situated in community they serve results in first-hand experience (and therefore a greater understanding) of the needs of stakeholders.
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