Thursday, 04 February 2021

We are looking for an MTU student to design the album artwork and support graphics for MTU CSM "CSM Sounds”


The selected design will win a prize of a Wacom One Tablet, plus the artwork will be featured at launch events and on all digital and print copies of the album.

The competition is open to all departments within the University.


Submissions Deadline: Sunday 28 February 2021 at 4:00pm


- All deliverables should be in a single ZIP titled “AlbumArt21_LastName_FirstName”.

- A download link for the ZIP can be submitted to with subject line “AlbumArt21_LastName_FirstName”.

The link should be a single-click download with no extra permissions required.



Project Background:

CSM Sounds is the Record Label of MTU Cork School of Music. It aims to promote the creative output of our staff and students. This year’s release is a compilation of a variety of music styles created during the lockdown period from March 2020 to August 2020 and is titled “The Quarantapes”.


Your Brief:

To design an album cover and roll-up banner for CSM Sounds album - The Quarantapes. You will need to design the front and back of the album cover. Your final design should also have the scope to function well in the context of all marketing material and social media platforms.

Text to be included: “CSM Sounds”; “The Quarantapes”; “CSM Sounds is a collaborative initiative between staff and students of MTU Cork School of Music”; “”

Space should be considered for text including up to 10 Track titles and artist on the back of album cover.

The MTU CSM logo must be used. It is included in the pack which can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.


Target audience:

- You will need to figure out who the target audience is. Who is most likely to listen to this music? As specifically as possible, who are we talking to?

- What are their defining demographic and psychographic characteristics?


Samples of the tracks are available below and in the pack.
Visit for more media.




Creative Requirements:

Think about the composition. Where will the title go? What should be seen first? (Visual hierarchy) What colours will you use?
How can you show what type of music the musicians play through your overall design? What mood do you need to create? Make sure your design flows as a whole package. The front, inside, and back should all flow and connect to create  unity and character.

- Evidence of creative and imaginative thinking.

- Execution: We are looking for a design that is pleasing, informative and looks and feels well resolved. Legibility and communication are vital.



Project Deliverables:

- All design files.

- Finished artwork for Front and Back of Album cover.

- Finished artwork for Roll-Up Banner.

Design specs are in include in the pack below.


Present your final designs in an accurate and professional manner using a range of appropriate presentation and communication techniques.



- The judges’ decision is final.

- MTU reserves the right to alter the design for use in other media. 

- Copyright of the original artwork resides with the artist.

- Entrants may only submit one response.


Download Pack




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