Wednesday, 26 May 2021


The Executive Chairman and Founder of Zenith Technologies, Mr Brendan O’Regan, has been selected as the very first Honorary University Fellow MTU.



Brendan’s contributions over a considerable period of time have created significant opportunities for MTU graduates, and the communities in which they participate, as well as contributing extensively to the realisation of the aspirations of MTU.


One of the first graduates of the Department of Applied Physics and Instrumentation, he has led the development of Zenith Technologies Group, a serial employer of MTU graduates and a long-term sponsor of student project and placement work for the Department of Physical Sciences and its antecedents. Following its purchase in 2019, Zenith Technologies is now a Cognizant Company and a world leader in delivering automation, manufacturing execution systems (MES), and digital transformation solutions to the Life Sciences sector that secure the supply of vital treatments to patients worldwide. Through Zenith’s knowledge and expertise in Life Sciences, the Group delivers stable manufacturing systems that are optimised to improve operational efficiencies, whilst maintaining regulatory compliance.


Operating across five continents and with over 850 skilled employees, Zenith partners with leading Life Sciences companies, globally deliver consultancy, systems integration, and support to provide performance improvements, reduced costs, and decreased time-to-market. Zenith’s specialist engineering teams deliver and support Life Sciences 4.0 architectures and solutions, covering all IT, OT, and IoT applications, infrastructures, and services.


Zenith features MTU alumni at every level of the organisation and has employed graduates of the Department of Physical Sciences and its antecedents in senior leadership roles over a period of many years. It has created employment opportunities in the region which are deep-rooted and sustainable, and which contribute to the region’s “smart specialisation” in the technological support and development of the Life Sciences sector. It has generously sponsored and supported student project competitions over a long period of time as well as providing significant levels of support to MTU Blackrock Castle Observatory.


In addition to all of the above, Brendan continues to provide support at all levels for MTU in recognition of the contribution that Cork RTC/CIT made to his life, as well as being motivated to “give back” and support the next generation of MTU students, graduates, and leaders in society and industry.


Mr O’Regan was previously recognised at the CIT Alumni Awards in 2014 and was the recipient of a CIT STEM Graduate Achievement Award in 2016.


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