Thursday, 01 July 2021

Direct Entry Applications Open for Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Global Business and Pilot Studies


Munster Technological University (MTU) and Atlantic Flight Training Academy (AFTA) have introduced a new Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Global Business and Pilot Studies. MTU President Professor Maggie Cusack officially launched the programme, the first of its kind in Europe, enabling prospective pilots to gain an Honours degree as part of their flight training through a process which allows them to commence flight training after just one year and be ready to seek employment within just three years, thus maximising the potential of graduates and providing the aviation industry with well-rounded, commercially aware, pilots. Applications for this new programme can be made at


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As part of a joint collaboration between MTU and AFTA, applicants will benefit from studying at one of Ireland’s leading universities before commencing an intensive commercial flight training programme at one of Europe’s premier flight schools. The development of this unique programme is an important milestone in the training of new pilots for Europe’s aviation sector as it emerges from the Covid-19 pandemic. MTU has an outstanding track record of working with industries to provide highly skilled graduates in order to fulfill industry requirements and facilitate sectoral and economic growth. This collaboration is the result of a successful partnership between MTU and AFTA, with Dr Pio Fenton, Head of Department of Marketing and International Business at MTU, saying “here at MTU we are excited to be leading the way for HEIs in recognizing the significant effort involved in becoming a pilot.” Developed with input from industry stakeholders, students will study areas of global business, marketing, and communications, before progressing to AFTA to commence flight training. The aviation sector is a dynamic industry and MTU believe that new pilots entering this sector can significantly benefit from having a degree along with their pilot’s licences to provide a greater awareness of the industry they will work in and to increase the options available to them as they progress through their careers. Dr Fenton also highlighted the partnership between MTU and AFTA saying “we have enjoyed a successful partnership with Atlantic Flight Training Academy (AFTA) for a number of years now and their considerable experience in flight training as one of Europe’s leading flight schools identified them as a perfect fit with MTU for this unique new offering.”



Speaking of the collaboration that has led to this new programme Professor Cusack said “I am delighted to oversee the launch of this new programme which has the dual benefit of enabling prospective pilots to solidify their career prospects whilst also strengthening the links between MTU and the European aviation sector. MTU plays a central role in driving the development of a skilled workforce for many industries and this landmark offering for new pilots will see that role solidified for the aviation sector.” Professor Cusack also commended the efforts of MTU’s training partner AFTA in bringing this new programme to fruition, saying “the facilities and reputation of AFTA are industry leading, and MTU are proud to have collaborated with such an established and well-regarded partner.”


Atlantic Flight Training Academy (AFTA) CEO and Head of Training Capt Mark Casey spoke of the need for a programme such as this for new pilots, saying “as Airline pilots advanced through their careers and moved to senior management positions within their respective airlines, the individuals would invariably need to upskill through distance or part-time learning in the additional aspects of business and management related disciplines. The MTU curriculum was carefully tailored to the areas identified through feedback from airline Industry leaders and the pilot body.”


AFTA were able to call on their industry partners for input throughout the construction of this degree, a network of Airlines, pilots and aviation professionals established during their 25 years of being Ireland’s leading flight school.


“AFTA is proud to partner with MTU for what can only be described as a Global Gold standard degree that will cater for and enhance the industry pilot entry standard. We are excited to work with MTU President Professor Cusack, Head of Department of Marketing and International Business Dr Pio Fenton, and the faculty at MTU in providing new resources for the aviation sector. I look forward to seeing AFTA and MTU develop the industry leaders of the future” said Capt. Casey.






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