Wednesday, 07 July 2021


Dear Student

We hope that you and yours are keeping well at this time.

Following recent meetings of Academic Council, we are writing to you with an update on the academic calendar for 2021-2022.


Start Dates for Semester 1/Term 1 2021-2022

Please see the following table for Semester 1/Term 1 start dates across MTU:


Student Cohort

Semester 1/Term 1 Start Date

Full-time undergraduate programmes

1st year

Mon. 27 Sept. 2021 (based on the timelines advised by CAO regarding CAO offers)

Continuing students

Mon. 20 Sept. 2021

Full-time taught postgraduate programmes

Mon. 20 Sept. 2021

Part-time programmes

(undergraduate; taught postgraduate)

Mon. 20 Sept. 2021

Craft Apprenticeships (SOLAS)

Mon. 27 Sept. 2021

MTU CSM Conservatoire Provision

Mon. 6 Sept. 2021


There will be a common academic calendar across all campuses of the University up to Friday 17th December. This includes a Reading/Independent Learning Week, that being the week commencing Monday 25th October 2021.

At the time of writing, the start dates and examination dates for Craft Apprenticeships remain to be advised. We will update you once these details are made available.


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Semester 1 Assessment, 2021-2022


Full-time undergraduate programmes (Stages 2 and above); taught postgraduate programmes; all part-time programmes

As per the above table, Semester 1 starts on Monday 20th September. Classes (including teaching, learning and assessment) will run to Friday 10th December. The Semester 1 Examination Session will run from Monday 13th December to Wednesday 22nd December inclusive. All planning of assessment and examinations will be in accordance with the prevailing public health guidelines.


Full-time undergraduate programmes – Stage 1

For first year students of full-time programmes, the Semester 1 start date is Monday 27th September, based on the timelines advised by CAO. Given the reduced teaching time for full-time 1st year students in 2021-2022, a 100% Continuous Assessment approach has been agreed by Academic Council. Thus, classes (including teaching, learning and assessment) will run to Friday 17th December. Please note that there may be some assessment over the period Monday 20th-Wednesday to 22nd December inclusive.



Semester 2 2021-2022

In Academic Year 2021-2022, the key dates for Semester 2 will vary across the campuses in some respects. Please see table below.



MTU Kerry

MTU Bishopstown




Intersemester Break


w.c.  Mon. 17 Jan.


Semester 2 start date

Mon. 17 Jan.

Mon. 24 Jan.

Mon. 17 Jan.

Sem. 2 Reading Week

w.c. Mon. 28 Feb.




w.c. Mon. 21 Feb.

Easter Break

Weeks of Monday 11 and Monday 18 April 2022



Semester 2 Assessment

Further details will be issued locally in due course.



Autumn 2021 Conferrings

In order to maximise the opportunity for an onsite event, possibly with restrictions on guests, the conferrings will be moved back from Autumn 2021 to early to mid January 2022. Dates will be advised by September. Please note that graduands can obtain a transcript of results and, where necessary, request a letter confirming eligibility to graduate. The date of ratification of examination results by Academic Council is the date of award, as stated on the parchment. Thus

  • A student who has successfully completed a programme at the Summer 2021 Examination Session will have a June 2021 date of award on their parchment.
  • A student who successfully completes a programme at the Autumn 2021 Examination Session will have a September 2021 date of award on their parchment (this may be October 2021 for some postgraduate programmes).



Craft Apprenticeships (SOLAS)

Term 1

Start date: Mon. 27 Sept. 2021

Finish dates:

Fri. 3 Dec. 2021 (10 week blocks)

Fri. 10 Dec. 2021 (11 week blocks)


Term 2

Start date: Tue. 4 Jan. 2022

Finish dates:

Fri. 11 Mar. 2022 (10 week blocks)

Fri. 18 Mar. 2022 (11 week blocks)


Spring Break

Mon. 21 Mar. 2022 to Fri. 1 Apr. 2022 incl.


Term 3

Start date: Mon. 4 Apr. 2022

Finish dates:

Fri. 10 Jun. 2022 (10 week blocks)

Fri. 17 Jun. 2022 (11 week blocks)



Conservatoire Provision (MTU CSM)

Lessons commence: Mon. 6 Sept. 2021

Midterm: Week commencing Mon. 25 Oct. 2021

Lessons end: Wed. 22 Dec. 2021


Lessons resume: Thur. 6 Jan. 2022

Midterm: Week commencing Mon. 21 Feb. 2022


Easter break: Weeks commencing Mon. 11 Apr. 2022 and Mon. 18 Apr. 2022

Final week of lessons: Week commencing Mon. 6 Jun. 2022




Overall, this continues to be a dynamic and evolving situation. We will update you on the situation as it develops.

Best regards,


Dr Brendan O’Donnell
VP Academic Affairs & Registrar
Kerry Campus

Dr Áine Ní Shé
Registrar & VP for Academic Affairs (Acting)
Cork Campus



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