Monday, 27 June 2022

MTU hosts unique Celebration in Canada


Last month a unique celebration was held in Toronto to mark the graduation of Canadian students from Munster Technological University (MTU), the Institute of Technology Carlow (now part of South East Technological University), and Institute of Technology Sligo (now part of Atlantic Technological University). The event was the first of its kind to be held in Canada by Irish colleges.

It was organised to mark the achievements of the graduates over the past two years during which the experience of studying in Ireland was severely curtailed by the impact of the COVID pandemic. Graduates were awarded degrees across a broad range of disciplines.



Back Row L-R: Cyril Gavaghan, Brianne Galloway, Justin Elwood, Alexandra Loynachan, Allan Noonan, Lindsay Chapman, Vanessa Tetreault, Martin Kelly.

Front Row L-R: Lyndle Grobe, Aisling Mahon, Justine Davies, Mackenzie Lennox, Samantha Goodrich, Alissa Faccinato, Devyn Watt, Regan Grey, Julia Drossmann. 



Over 200 graduates and guests attended on the day and the keynote address was made by Ms Linda Franklin, CEO and President of Colleges Ontario. Ms Franklin remarked on the resilience of the students who successfully completed their studies despite the challenges of various shutdowns and the pivot to online learning.


Virtual addresses were also made by Ambassador of Ireland to Canada, his Excellency Dr Eamonn McKee, President of IT Carlow Dr Patricia Mulcahy, President of IT Sligo Dr Brendan McCormack and the President of MTU, Professor Maggie Cusack. All the presidents congratulated and complimented the graduates on their accomplishments in the face of such adversity.


The ceremony was conducted by Dr Aodhmar Cadogan, Assistant Register of the Institute of Technology Sligo who was assisted by Dr Declan Doyle, Vice President of Development & Research and Donal McAlister, International Affairs Manager at the Institute of Technology Carlow, Patrick Lynch, International Manager at IT Sligo and Cyril Gavaghan, International Student Advisor at MTU.


Martin Kelly, Director of KOM Consultants, the Ontario representative of the three colleges also attended the ceremony. Enterprise Ireland, who part-sponsored the event, was represented by Lydia Rogers from Sligo and Shaun Ryan from Dublin, both now working in EI’s Toronto Office.


Speaking after the event Cyril Gavaghan of MTU said “given what these international students have been through it was appropriate that we gave them and their parents an opportunity to celebrate their graduation at an Irish-style event”.

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