Stephen Wilson Downey

Stephen embarked on his entrepreneurial journey while studying at MTU. He began by participating in the Prize for innovation and Student Inc. with his ready meal that was free from artificial ingredients. From his experience of Student Inc. he decided it was wise to set up a different  business rather than spend too much time fundraising.

He opened up a bank account with a €5 note and established Spéire with his colleagues Dave and Cian. Spéire is a company that began by building and maintaining websites. Today it has now widened its array of services adding A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) and Full Stack Software Development to its areas of expertise.

Stephen is a recipient of Ireland’s Best Young Entrepreneur Cork City, Best Business Opportunity on Enterprise Ireland’s New Frontiers Programme Delivered by Rubicon; and is backed by the National Digital Research Centre & TeamWork Catalyst for AIP a SaaS product that automates website maintenance using A.I.

Tricia Balfe

Tricia Balfe is CEO of XMLdation, a company that specialises in financial messaging and headquartered in Finland. Tricia founded a software startup called Nomos Software in Cork in 2007 along with David Garry. The company was acquired by XMLdation in 2016. Tricia was appointed CEO of the Finnish company in 2020.

XMLdation is a world leader in financial messaging and financial APIs and operates across 3 continents. XMLdation solutions are designed for banks and clearing infrastructures. The company delivers self-service testing and legacy bridge solutions that streamline on-boarding, and help banks, clearers and their stakeholders to roll out new payment schemes and adopt new formats – faster and easier

Enda Keane

Enda Keane is CEO of Treemetrics. With more than 20 years of experience in the forestry sector Enda Keane sought to truly bring forestry to the 21st century

Treemetrics Ltd. was founded in 2005 by Enda Keane and Garret Mullooly. This software-based company has spent a number of years developing new technology to replace the traditional forestry methods which have been in place for over one hundred years. Nowadays Treemetrics provides pioneering solutions to the global forest industry in over 16 countries.

Among others, Treemetrics has developed an innovative and dynamic management system for natural resources that provides a wide range of tools to analyse, manage and display the available data in sensitive areas, including earth observation and field data. Treemetrics’ solution utilises recent technological advances in mobile applications, remote sensing, data mining and satellite communications technology and tailors them for maximum benefit for the forestry industry.

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