Monday 19th April @ 7pm - 7:45pm

Yoga is a practice that will help to slow down an over active mind, finding a more peaceful state. It is a deep and meditative practice. It will be centred around a set of postures, breath-work, mindfulness, meditation and relaxation techniques. Our yoga practice will incorporate mindful movement to educate our bodies in creating greater range of motion at the joint and to keep the muscles both strong and flexible.



We have a great opportunity to win a fabulous yoga hamper including mat, mat bag, block, brick and straps along with a €50 One4Allvoucher.

To enter, simply email your name and favourite yoga pose to before 30th April 2021. 


What you will need


You may need some props such as a yoga mat, yoga block and a yoga strap


The purpose of the yoga mat is to provide a safe and non-slip surface and supportive cushioning. If you are only going to invest in or borrow one item, this would definitely be the one we highly recommend investing in. Pilates mats, camping mats or soft/squishy workout mats can make standing postures tricky because they slide and can be tough on the wrists in postures where you are bearing weight in your hands. 


Other items can easily be substituted so you can be creative and inventive.

  • Yoga block - a book or stack of books, a solid cushion or a tightly rolled up towel will work in place of a block.
  • Yoga strap - this can be replaced by a necktie, scarf, a dressing gown tie or a towel.


Make sure that you have plenty of space around the mat so that you can move safely and freely. Create your safe and peaceful yoga practice environment where there will be a minimum of 4 feet of free space around the yoga mat, remove any nearby furniture or objects and be away from sharp corners.

Yoga and Movement are an individual experience. Please progress at your own pace, and if you experience any pain or discomfort, listen to your body, adjust the posture, and/or stop and rest when needed. 

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