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Dance / Percussion

Monday 26th April @ 7pm - 8pm

Calling all movers and shakers! Explore and uncover grooves from drumming traditions around the world and create your own rhythm orchestra using body percussion and household objects with Ruairí Glasheen. Once you're warmed up, Aisling Byrne Gaughan will help you to unleash your inner dancer, put a spring in your step, and a smile on your face! These two workshops are suitable for the entire family.


Monday 19th April @ 7pm - 7:45pm
Yoga is a practice that will help to slow down an over active mind, finding a more peaceful state. Our yoga practice will incorporate mindful movement to educate our bodies in creating greater range of motion at the joint and to keep the muscles both strong and flexible.

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Coding at Home

Monday 12th April @ 7pm - 8pm
All students are natural scientists and engineers. They love to question, tinker, experiment and play. Robotics and coding enable students to learn through play and to create an identity for themselves as STEM learners. The Coding at Home workshop will demonstrate how to use VEX VR code to draw images. The workshops are suitable for families and students age 7 years – 17 years. 

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Space Opportunities

Monday 29th March @ 7pm - 8pm 
New Space is an emerging industry sector expected to be worth a trillion dollars by 2030. From the scientific exploration of the cosmos through to space rovers, lunar villages, using satellites for the benefit of society, environmental monitoring, automated vehicles, rural broadband and more, this is a very exciting time to get involved in space. 

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Culinary & Mocktail Demonstration

Monday 22nd March @ 7pm – 7.45pm
Get the family together to learn how to cook a great meal and accompany it with some non-alcoholic cocktails! This live, on-line event will include a culinary demonstration by Culinary Lecturer Chef, JJ Healy, and a non-alcoholic beverage demonstration by Beverage Lecturer, Gail Cotter.

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